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Unleashing The Elite Mercenaries: A Fresh Take on Hip Hop with Their Debut Album

The Wu Tang Clan is one of the most iconic hip hop groups of all time. Their unique blend of raw beats and complex lyrics has influenced countless artists since their inception. One group that is carrying on this legacy is The Elite Mercenaries.

This group of six elite solo hip hop artists has come together to build an extravagant lyrical army of superior mercenaries. Their new album, "The Elite Mercenaries, Vol 1", is sure to leave fans of the genre satisfied.

The mastermind behind the project is Jae Blacc. His style reminds fans of Jay Z, Drake, and J. Cole. He is similar to the RZA in the way he put the project on his back to make sure everything was completed. From gathering beats, booking all studio sessions at Livewire Ent., and doing all the mixing and mastering sessions, Jae Blacc was determined to give the album a raw hip hop experience.

The group is comprised of six members, each with their own unique style. Fred Stuy is a true Wiseman who probably has the most knowledge in the group. His style reminds fans of KRS One as far as speaking the truth. He is a Wordsmith who is not afraid to speak his mind through a good story. Jon Blaq is another Wordsmith who reminds fans of Common, Mos Def, or Talib Kweli. He is known for storytelling and creative song concepts.

Montez comes from the streets and has a very direct style. He reminds fans of D Block and is very creative with delivery and punchlines. Fans who like artists with a raspy verse with a street point of view will love Montez. Seven Da Pantha has the heart of a Black Panther. He is a combination of all underground artists rolled up into one gifted lyricist. He can freestyle battle, write battle, and speak his political mind with the best of them. He reminds fans of NWA and Public Enemy with his views and classic NY wordplay. Finally, Unconscious Rascall is a true hip hop fanatic. He has a hip hop style that would remind fans of the early '90s hip hop where the only thing that mattered was lyrics. Also a DJ, he has an ear for good music.

Through very creative hooks mixed with diverse and witty lyrics, The Elite Mercenaries will definitely hold fans' attention.

Each member has their own unique style, and together they form an unstoppable force. Fans of the Wu Tang Clan will definitely feel at home with The Elite Mercenaries. The group has a modern Wu Tang Clan feel that is sure to appeal to a new generation of hip hop fans.

The Elite Mercenaries is a group that is building an extravagant lyrical army of superior mercenaries. With their unique blend of raw beats and complex lyrics, they are sure to leave fans of the genre satisfied. Their new album, "The Elite Mercenaries, Vol 1", is a must-listen for any hip hop fan. So if you're looking for something fresh and exciting in the world of hip hop, be sure to check out The Elite Mercenaries.


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