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Meet Montréal-based artist Troy Dunnit.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

What hometown are you repping?

I'm born and raised in Montreal, of Haitian descent. Sac pasé

What are some of your influences?

That's kind of a loaded question. My favorite rappers are Nas, JayZ, Prodigy, Kanye too. I usually gravitate towards rappers with strong pens or artistry.

In terms of influences not many, at least I think so. There might be dudes with deep voices that I sound like for a second, but in terms of content + voice etc I really don't think there's much out there that's similar.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as an artist so far?

Ebonics 2022. I wrote a dope homage to Big L's classic record Ebonics. i think it's still on my Facebook you should go listen to it, and give me a like!

I also worked with Atrak in the past, he's Kanye's old DJ/ the guy who put out "Barbra Streisand"/ the guy who put out Cudi's first record "Day n nite". He did alright for himself

What are some of the accomplishments you are aiming for in the near future?

Doing a hard record with Drake and Big Sean, no hook straight bars. Also in the end, i just want to be remembered as a dope artist. Me and my producer Crucial talk about it a lot, just doing dope shit, memorable art. I left rap for a minute, but I came back cuz I love to write and record music, and I think I'm good at it.

Tell us about your most recent release. What is it about? What is the message you are conveying through your music?

AFTER LVE is the name of the album. It's exactly what it sounds like. It's my life after separation, heartbreak. It's an emotion filled record, but at the same time it's a bar filled record, it's raw rap still. It's exactly who I am at this point in my life, its personal level 1000. But that's the kinda rap I like, real.

What’s your message to your fans?

Make sure to follow me on Insta, Twitter and FB.

I hope you enjoy the new single SUMMER, and make sure to check out my album "After Love" entirely produced by Crucial Jones, when it drops in March!

Connect with the artist

Connect with Troy Dunnit:

@Troydunnit.official (IG)

@troydunnit (Twitter)

@troydunnit (Tik Tok)


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