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Toronto Rapper WE$TBOUND P Unveils Highly Anticipated Song/Video Release for "All Hours"

Toronto, ON, May 23, 2023 — Toronto's own rap sensation, WE$TBOUND P, is set to make waves once again with his highly anticipated release, the captivating song and music video titled "All Hours." With a unique sound and an unyielding drive for success, WE$TBOUND P is ready to take the music scene by storm.

"All Hours" is a track that pulsates with raw energy, drawing inspiration from the late-night grind and relentless pursuit of success. It encapsulates the artist's personal experiences and showcases his unyielding dedication to his craft. The creative process behind "All Hours" was a turning point for WE$TBOUND P, as he found himself venturing into uncharted territory, reinventing his sound, and pushing the boundaries of his artistry.

The accompanying music video for "All Hours" is a visual masterpiece, capturing the essence of Toronto and its vibrant nightlife. Filmed against the backdrop of the city's iconic Gardiner Expressway, the video showcases the raw and unfiltered essence of the artist's hometown. It seamlessly complements the track's message, bringing WE$TBOUND P's vision to life with stunning visuals and captivating scenes.

Describing his overall sound as "cold rap," WE$TBOUND P brings a grimey and gudder style to the forefront, leaving a lasting impact on listeners. "All Hours" embodies his signature sound, showcasing his growth while remaining true to his artistic roots. It combines his previous work's essence with a newfound litness that promises to captivate audiences.

While "All Hours" primarily features WE$TBOUND P's solo artistry, the artist has a remix version in the works, collaborating with his talented friend and fellow artist, Blamo. The collaboration promises to inject fresh dynamics into the track, further enhancing its final outcome. Fans can catch glimpses of their creative synergy on Blamo's Instagram page, @_instablam.

With "All Hours," WE$TBOUND P delves into various themes and messages, drawing from personal experiences and street culture. His lyrical prowess shines through with lines like "tried to love me but she couldn't," resonating deeply with his loyal supporters. The song's lyrics encapsulate the amalgamation of countless nights and experiences, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the artist's world.

Looking ahead, WE$TBOUND P has an exciting lineup of projects and collaborations in the pipeline. His next single aims to captivate his female audience, delivering a sound that resonates deeply with them. Additionally, fans can anticipate a collaborative tape with franchise, a renowned battle rapper in Canada. These upcoming ventures showcase WE$TBOUND P's versatility and commitment to pushing the boundaries of his artistry.

"All Hours" marks another milestone in WE$TBOUND P's flourishing career, solidifying his position as one of Toronto's most promising rap talents. As he continues to captivate audiences with his unique sound and unapologetic approach to music, listeners can expect nothing less than an electrifying journey through the uncharted realms of hip-hop.

WE$TBOUND P's "All Hours" is now available on all major streaming platforms. For updates on his latest projects and upcoming releases, follow WE$TBOUND P on social media.


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