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SwagRight Toni Released a New Song ''Fake''

Toni Wells better known as SwagRight Toni is an entrepreneur and creative from Ann Arbor Michigan. After starting the SwagRight clothing brand in 2013 humbly sold clothes to her customers out of a duffle bag.

Toni eventually transitioned into a role styling and marketing local music artists for shows and photo shoots under the SwagRight brand name. Her love of music, passion for the new game of internet marketing as well as new access to a mentor within the music industry lead her to artist management in 2016.

After years of representing music artists less motivated than herself, SwagRight decided to use her talent for music marketing and industry connections to introduce Music to the world produced by her SwagRight Brand.

As a Music artist SwagRight is as esoteric and genre-bending as her personality is. Taking you on a trip through R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, on a vibe through the world of EDM and House music to create quality music that will make you want to smile and dance.

On October 5th, 2022 SwagRight Toni released her most personal SwagRight Toni single yet, Fake is the feeling behind the transition from a manager in the music industry to an artist. This song is definitely a vibe SwagRight wants the world to catch because we have all experienced Fake people even if you're not a music industry professional. Production by Tyron Woods from Durban South Africa


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