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Quavo released ''Without You'' as a tribute to Takeoff

“Without You” is Quavo’s first track since Takeoff was murdered in November and his first broad statement since he posted a transcript of his funeral speech.

Out in the galaxy, up in the stars

Over the universe, it's bigger than Mars

See you in Heaven, see you in Heaven

When I see you in Heaven, I'ma be with my dawg

''Without you'', is a tribute track where the Atlanta artist Quavo recalls his late nephew and group partner Takeoff who was mrdered in November in Houston. rau

The song present five credited producers, three of whom were close cooperators with the rap group Migos which are, Mike Dean, Zaytoven, and Murda Beatz.

The slow, wistful “Without You” is a escape from the usual musical style of Quavo and Migos, which is known by athletic, triplet rap flows, a clear presenting that has been widely related to Takeoff .

After the miserable death of Migos member Takeoff, his uncle and member of Migos Quavo dropped ''Without You'' recalling on the close old moments they spent. The song addresses the beautiful memories and things the two have been doing since the childhood.

Remember the days we smoked big blunts together

Remember the days we rocked out at Coachella

Remember the days we ain’t have our shit together

On the Nawfside, times were hard, but the days were better

''Without You'' is praise as it should be. Real and emotional, traveling throughout their early life and close moments they had.

Last year, weeks before the killing, Quavo and Takeoff dropped their joint album, Only Built for Infinity Links. Quavo noted his deep bond with Takeoff: “I knew you weren’t my brother cuz you are my sister’s son, so I couldn’t say brother,” he wrote. “Now I finally get it…you are OUR angel watching me and watching us this whole time in living form making sure EVERYONE FELT UR LOVE AND HUGS while u here and u made our dreams come true.”

Quavo was Takeoff’s uncle, although he's just four years older than him. The duo Migos with fellow rapper Offset in 2008.

The Unexpected Death of Takeoff

Takeoff, 28, was shot in the head and back on Nov. 1 while around 40 people were leaving a private party at a bowling valley. Houston police have said the gunfire followed a dispute over a game of dice, but that Takeoff was not concerned and was "an innocent bystander."

The guy who was charged with killing has been released on a $1 million bond. Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, was discharged from the Harris County jail Tuesday.


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