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Pharrell Williams and Travis Scott dropped a new collaboration ‘Down In Atlanta’

Travis Scott and Pharrell Williams have dropped a new featuring track titled ‘Down In Atlanta’.

The song had been teased multiple times before its release, including when it was played during Scott’s Las Vegas Road to Utopia residence in September.

Elsewhere, the two rappers shared teasers of their song across their social media last month, with a snippet shown to Pharrell’s TikTok in late September.

‘Down In Atlanta’ is signed completely by Travis Scott, with Pharrell taking the production. It honors the duo’s third cooperative release, with Pharrell once having a hand in the production of Scott’s project ‘Rodeo’ album song, ‘Flying High. Pharrell thereafter joined The Weekend on Scott’s ‘SKELETONS.

The track arrives as both Pharrell and Travis Scott have informed the release of upcoming albums, although it’s not yet sure if ‘Down In Atlanta’ will feature on both of their albums or not.

Pharrell announced the title of his third solo album — ‘Phriends’ — earlier this month and stated that it will feature cooperation with the K-pop band BTS.

Travis Scott, meanwhile, has been knocking his ‘Astroworld’ follow-up ‘Utopia’ for almost a year. In addition to ‘Down In Atlanta’, the rapper has previewed possible ‘Utopia’ cuts which feature Kid Cudi, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert.

In 2021, Scott stated that his upcoming fourth studio album derived from “working with some new people and trying to grow the sound.”


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