Open Artist Call for the NIFTY (NFT) AWARDS after party

This years Guerrilla Music virtual reality event debuts on April 23rd as the official after party of the NFT (Nifty) awards and we want you to perform in our venue. In the Guerrilla Music virtual reality venue, we’ll be premiering pre-recorded, exclusive performances by artists from around the globe.

Our Color the Blockchain segment will be live during the show with interviews from NFT artists. Plus, each performers video submission will become an NFT with which the artist will receive 80% of the total sale price. We want to encourage Desi musicians, dancers, and producers to reach out to us to be part of this exciting event. The deadline for submissions is April 19th 2021.

Submissions are completely free. Performance can be recorded with any type of camera, laptop or phone is fine. Music Video old/new are also accepted as submissions if you do not want to perform.

Artists can choose 1 of 3 dates for a conference call where you will be shown how to get a crypto wallet, and you will be advised on the event.

Now, what’s an NFT? How does a virtual reality event work? Why should you get involved?

An NFT (which stands for Non Fungible Token) is art or music, in this case, that is given a digital contract through a process called minting. It enables the creator of the piece to sell it on the blockchain for cryptocurrency at any price they set. The digital contract is like the DNA of the NFT so the creator’s information will always be attached to it. To mint your art or music you need a crypto wallet which is free and easy to acquire.

A virtual reality event is held in an interactive world somewhat like Fortnite or Minecraft. We collect performances from artists around the world and broadcast them, like a concert, on a large screen in the venue. The venue visitor just needs a computer, VR glasses aren’t necessary but can be used for a fully- immersive virtual experience. The visitor would follow a free link and appear in avatar form in a virtual world where they can walk around and enjoy the show. This was the future, now it’s the present.

Cryptocurrency is digital money that is being accepted almost everywhere. Artists are finally catching on and making millions of dollars by selling art and music on the blockchain.

As pioneers in the NFT game, Guerrilla Music’s focus is to onboard artists and teach them how to be self-sufficient in this incredibly lucrative world.

This season is empowered by and other surprise sponsors which will be announced closer to the event date.

Companies who want to sponsor the season can reach out to

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Article by Sky Hayward

Audio NFT and VR/Blockchain Thought Leader "KingMizoMadeIt"


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