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Noel Miller- The Toronto Comedian is Making It Into Rap Game

Noel Miller the 32 years old Canadian stand-up comedian, and YouTuber is building his path toward the rap game.

Started a long time away from the Vine app and then made it to professional Youtube, he had a long journey to success where he collected a loyal fanbase of millions of fans following him.

Noel was born in August 1989 in Toronto, Canada, and has spent most of his life in the same city.

containing Miller is known for finding and extracting humor in even the most horrible and unfortunate life experiences, he's natural, and his jokes aren't prepared before. The source of his comedy spirit is his character, from reading his fan base DMs to reacting to TikTok videos, Noel is swift when it comes to his comedic timing.


It's hard to imagine that he's ever considered another career path.

Today the Toronto comedian is trying to enter the rap game. Since March, Miller has released two music videos, which are uploaded to his YouTube channel – which usually contains reaction videos – under the nickname NOEL.

His following of 2.6 million subscribers are now also following the creator of “Rat Race” and “Pacemaker,” tracks where he spits over gritty production, describing his process to fame and other career stirs.

Most of his creative ideas are in “stark contrast” to the humor he’s mastering. In “Rat Race,” Noel flexes his business-savvy nature, hurling in some smart bars (“Treat this rap s–t like twins/ What I mean by that is I just had to”).

Miller found meaning in hip-hop as he found meaning in comedy, he clarifies. With his dad living his life as a classically oriented musician skilled at piano and violin, Miller was inspired at a young age to play some instruments of his own.

After his 2020's EP titled “Push.” which didn't get respectful appreciation in the rap community for many reasons. First, Miller didn't promote it well, he just posted a tweet and an Instagram video talking about it. Second, most of the EP sounds the same. The songs mostly start with a duplicate instrumental and then pick up with a beat, and Miller's voice is a little bit monotone. It was obvious that Noel Miller wasn't taking rap seriously by that time.

But, the two last tracks released by Noel prove how much he's serious about getting in the rap game.


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