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Mustbekap Talking About His Two Project In a Year, His Creative Process & more

Mustbekap is an aspiring hip hop artist born in Youngstown, Ohio, raised in Atlanta, Georgia. The acclaimed rapper is recognized for his obsession with beautiful women, as well as spending money rather than time because of the dream of musical success that he is working hard to pursue. Mustbekap’s most popular song is “THE HILLS”.

In his sound, fans are familiar with certain lyrics and adlibs such as “Must be, had 2 be, gotta be” which is said at the beginning of his songs, the “No Kap” adlib mentioned in every song, and the “PDR Da Gang White Ferrari”, which credits the record label Playdead Records and the producer group known as White Ferrari. Mustbekap is an upcoming rapper with much potential in this industry.

How you choosed the name of your tape?

NOT2FARBEHIND is my good euphoria of chasing my dreams, working hard and seeing the progress. Knowing if I just keep going i’ll have everything I ever wanted. A confident reminder that I’m very much up next, so watch out. I could even much surpass my competition just as a NASCAR driver would do at the last moment of a race.

Knowing that I’m putting my best foot forward everyday is my motivation. I can live with the results. I’m the most resilient human being, nothing can stop me but also i’m taking my time with this shit. I love fast money but i’m not in a rush. No losses just lessons attitude.

Why you dropped 2 projects in the same year?

I make so much music and I be sitting on it for so long. Saving it for the “right moment.” I washed that mindset away, I got this shit so I might as well put this shit out. No holding back whatsoever. I know if I want anything out of this then I have to press on the gas, everything is moving so fast and high paced. I’m doing my best to get my music out there rather than holding it, if anything it’s my soundtrack to my life and I’ll be able to pinpoint the time period and it be a pure reflection of what my life was like at that moment.

What are you doing to get better?

I’m doing everything in my power to get better. I love to get better at anything, I’ll never be the person who “knows it all.” Hell nah, I want to learn, get better everyday. Information is a major key to getting better, you got to know what’s out there. I go through alot of trail and error and people don’t know cause I never sweat, I just keep going but hell yeah this shit be the struggle sometimes. It’s easy to feel like you’re wasting your time if you compare yourself to Drake, etc everyday. That’s why I said i’m taking my time, I do this for the people around me, my couple die hard fans I got.. and we just building with what we got. I feel like i’m NOT2FARBEHIND the more information i obtain.

Why NOT2FARBEHIND is a solo tape?

11 solo songs just to show and prove who i am and what I bring to the table. A creative making music, good quality. I feel like i’m still early in my journey and people just might not know my style or voice. For that reason alone, you giving you my heart and my life in these songs.

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