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Meet Tatiauna Thorpe


We reached out to the young singer/Songwriter to learn more about her journey into music and her new single "Facts". Tatiauna was born in Brampton, ON. This young artist is only 21 years old and she says she has been singing her whole life.

From a young age I participated in many solo performances, choirs, musicals, and attended a high school that focused on vocal arts. Over the past year, I decided that I am ready to begin my own musical career. I’ve been recording and performing music more professionally ever since.

What inspired you to take the step into the studio to record your first song?

my main push to get into the studio came from a lot of other people ready and excited to hear my original work. It was perfect timing because I was ready to show everyone what I had been working on. I’ve been recording and doing live covers for a while now and the anticipation kept building up.

What sparks your inspiration to write and create new music?

I would have to say my life experiences have definitely been my inspiration when it comes to creating my music. There are many things that I have gone through that have created stories for me to tell, and if I didn't go through these experiences I would have nothing to write about.

Every-time I step into the studio it's a feeling I can't explain, singing into the mic and hearing my voice play back in the headphones give me chills and make the hairs on my arms stand up. It sounds weird but it's the greatest feeling ever and it's a sense of belonging. The studio is definitely my home.

What would you say is the hardest part about being a woman in this industry?

I think the hardest part about being a woman in this industry has to be selling yourself and your craft so that people take you seriously. It is harder for women to receive opportunities while pursuing music their careers, I feel like a lot of talented female artists, especially canadian female artist struggle to been seen.

Your latest single "Facts" Is definitely a hit! What inspired you to write the song?

I think there are females out there who can relate when I say many of us have experienced a relationship where the male wasn’t loyal. Writing this song I wanted to share my story and in some of the relationships i’ve been in,  this was the case. This song is really about empowerment, letting women know that they don’t need to stand for any less than they are getting. It is important to acknowledge our self worth and know when it’s time to leave him in the dust!

The chorus was created for women to shout out! Let him and everyone know “I’m doing me” and no one can change that.

Any new music of performances we should look out for this summer?

This summer, I’d like to get out and perform! Being able to perform live is just as important as singing in the studio. I’ll also be in the studio creating another summer banger, so look out for that! This is just the beginning of my musical journey and I have a lot more up my sleeve.

With everything you’ve  experienced in the music industry so far; the good and the bad. what advice can you give to any up and coming young aspiring artists?

Trust your gut, don’t give up, stay confident and stay consistent.

Check out Tatiauna’s new single “Facts” OUT NOW!


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