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Jojo Fasho's Musical OdysseyFrom TreeHouseCulture to Center Stage

Jojo Fasho (Co-Founder of the supergroup/brand T.H.C TreeHouseCulture/Tree House Clic 2006-20015) Now the front runner for 8Sidemuzik who recently signed a distribution deal with ITS GORGEOUS MUSIQUE an independent hip-hop label located in the heart of Washington DC & Las Vegas.

Jojo Fasho was born in Pasadena, California. His family moved around the LA County before residing Las Vegas, Nevada in 1992. His west coast way of life is told through his catchy hooks and rough street lyrics. He has managed to bring his life experiences from the streets, to the prison yard, family feuds, baby mama drama, as well as many other trials and tribulations black men go through in modern times. His story soars into our headphones and takes us on journey down his life paths. His style is broken into pieces of greatness that are influenced by the pioneers of hip hop/ gangsta rap/ rhythm & blues/ as well as rock & roll?

His music can be best described as heartfelt movie that takes your mind through an adventure of the hardships & triumphs a young black felon goes thru on the west coast of the United States of America.

For Jojo Fasho, music flows through him and manifests itself as a timeline of events. It serves as a journal of all the interactions/relationships he’s encountered, from moments he’s shared with them, and all the emotional/ mental trauma associated with unfortunate experiences life has thrown his way. He will continue to make strides in this industry due to a unique sound that will ultimately be contagious to all consumers and listeners.

His various projects including “Enemy Of Tha State 1 & 2” “Loyal To Tha Soil” & “Bad Jojo” have helped him solidify himself as an elite artist worldwide.

The Sin City native has managed to find his way on the the much-anticipated We Outside Tour Part 3: Breadwinner Kane & Friends. Along with Jojo Fasho, fans have been able to witness the artistry of heavy-hitters like Breadwinner Kane, Sauce WoodWinnin, and Lightskin Bobby, promising a tour bursting with unparalleled energy and rhythm. Stay on the lookout for future projects & performance.

Jojo Fasho is set to release “Six Shot Revolver: Reloaded” a 6 track EP follow up to the classic “Six Shot Revolver” with longtime friend Verbal Skillz. The project was produced by legendary beat master “All Star” Also lookout for “Everybody Hates Jojo” a mixtape set for release mid September



FB: Jojo Francis

TIkTok @jojofasho702


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