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Renowned artist J-Liu is set to release his highly anticipated album, "Sound Wave," on October 13th, 2023. The celebration kicks off with an exclusive album release party on October 11th, promising a unique musical experience.

J-Liu shares that the album's name change to "Sound Wave" reflects a personal journey, distinguishing his identity as an artist. Inspired by Wyclef Jean's "The Carnival," the album showcases J-Liu's versatility, with a belief that the music will speak for itself.

The decision to release the album at this moment is driven by a sense of readiness and culmination. Two years in the making, "Sound Wave" is a reflection of J-Liu's entire musical career. Collaborators such as Fetty Wap, Wanito, Pchris, Arsonal Da Rebel, and more have contributed to the album's diverse sound.

Highlighting the standout track "Down Bad" featuring Arsonal Da Rebel, J-Liu emphasizes the album's authenticity and his evolution as a mature artist.

Featuring a stellar lineup of guest artists, including Fetty Wap, Wanito, Pchris, Arsonal Da Rebel, DJ LilMan, Thirspro, and Lp Da Grim Reepa, "Sound Wave" promises a special and dynamic listening experience.

The album's overarching message, "No one will believe in you more than you do; act accordingly," encourages listeners to start now, let go when necessary, and take control of their destiny. "Sound Wave" will be available on all major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and J-Liu's official website,

While specific tour dates are pending confirmation, J-Liu anticipates an engaging live performance experience for fans. As "Sound Wave" marks a chapter of personal growth and reflection, J-Liu expresses excitement and humility about the album's reception, with hopes to reach a global audience. He extends heartfelt gratitude to his dedicated fanbase for their continuous support.

"Sound Wave" is not just an album; it's a journey through the evolution of J-Liu as an artist. With a diverse sound, impactful collaborations, and a powerful message, J-Liu invites the world to experience the waves of "Sound Wave" on October 13th, 2023. Be ready to ride the wave!



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