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How To Use Instagram and Facebook For Music Promotion.

How to use Instagram and Facebook for music promotion.

You may have probably seen music ads all over your timeline and stories, and wondered if social media ads really work. The answer is, Yes it does! As a musician, you can use social media ads to help you build an email list, sell event tickets, merchandise and get you more listeners to your music.

There are several ways one can promote their music through social media advertisement. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are currently the three biggest social media platforms you can use for your paid music promotion.

However, most internet marketers and promoters prefer using Facebook ads to advertise their music since it has more benefits for ad managers. With Facebook ads, you can run longer video ad campaigns and include captions to tell a story to your audience about your music.

Instagram on the other hand is great for promoting your music using shorter content and visual storytelling. This platform is also great for promoting your music page to gain more followers and potential music fans.

It is always best to experiment with both to see which one works best for you in terms of music promotion and growing your brand. You may realize that your budget is well spent on one platform over the other. Or you may possibly end up using a bit of both for your ad campaigns. Whichever way you choose, the procedure for setting up an ad campaign for Instagram and Facebook will all be done through one system known as the "Facebook Ads Manager".

You'll need to learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager and how to create a robust ad strategy. This knowledge can be acquired for free using the free-to-use Youtube platform. That way you can promote your music and brand to help grow your listeners and fan base.


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