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HotBoyRyda Drops his single "Why" on all streaming platforms.

Throughout his career, hotboyryda has not only maintained a steady flow of new music that continues to push the boundaries of Hip Hop. He appears to have no intention of stopping. This is evident with the release of his EP "Torch," which dropped on 31 Oct 2020.

His talent is evident, which depicts why so many songs you hear on social media sound so good. His songs feature passionate lyrics with a personal touch that show off his full talent and world-class production. Gaining its notability in the music industry, hotboyryda is releasing inspirational music, causing a new fondness worldwide.

Recently, he released his song "Why" This song is well composed, wonderfully accompanying the excellent vocal performance of hotboyryda. His music is an actual picture of the situation. He wants people in the same conditions to find a way of escape through his music.

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