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"Hear Me Now": An Exploration of Personal Growth and Musical Evolution

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Up-and-coming artist, Rumz, has released his latest album "Hear Me Now", a compilation of tracks he created between 2016 and 2020. The album serves as a representation of his personal journey as an artist, as well as his growth and evolution in terms of sound and style. The album title, "Hear Me Now", speaks to the artist's desire to be heard and recognized by the world.

Throughout the creative process, Rumz faced two major challenges: the overall structure of the album and writer's block. He eventually overcame these challenges by embracing his constantly evolving sound and structure, resulting in an album that showcases both the old and new versions of himself.

The album's lyrics reflect themes of growth, with standout tracks "They Said" and "Therapy" encapsulating this idea. "They Said" speaks to overcoming doubters and non-believers, while "Therapy" explores the artist's journey of self-discovery.

The album features one collaboration with St4m1na, an artist from Montreal, on the "Realization (Remix)" track. The collaboration was a result of a chance encounter on Instagram and marked a turning point in the artist's journey, as St4m1na taught Rumz about the industry and helped him to grow as an artist.

Rumz sees his album fitting into the underground rap scene, with tracks like "Hypnotize" and "They Said" having potential to crossover into the mainstream. He is already planning his next project, the "transcending era," which promises to take listeners on a musical journey that touches emotions and transports them to another world.

The music in "Hear Me Now" is heavily influenced by the artist's life experiences, including the daily struggle of making a name for himself and finding his voice in the world.

"Hear Me Now" is available for streaming on all major platforms.

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