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Gen Z tried to cancel Eminem on TikTok.

Gen Z and Millennials are debating over whether to cancel Eminem for his past problematic lyrics.

Eminem is at the center of a debate on social media right now as Gen Z and Millennials argue over the rapper's cancellation on TikTok, with the former group pointing out his past problematic lyrics and the latter generation fighting back to combat the decision to leave Em behind.

You might have noticed Eminem's name in the trending topics last night and this morning and wondered to yourself, did this man drop another surprise album? Always stirring the pot, even when he does nothing at all, quite frankly, Eminem is currently the latest to take on cancel culture, as a group of Gen Z TikTokers plead their case to leave the rapper in the past because of his lyrics, most notably for something he says at the end of a verse in "Love The Way You Lie" with Rihanna.

Dozens of people are angry at the Detroit rap legend for the following lines: "If she ever tries to f**king leave again/I’mma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire." It's understandable why they would react to this lyric in such a strong manner, but nobody expected the line, which was released eleven years ago, to cause such a ruckus on social media this week.

While Gen Z seems adamant about no longer supporting the 48-year-old superstar, millennials are fighting back on Twitter and TikTok with their take on the matter, laughing in the faces of their younger counterparts and claiming that Slim Shady will never be silenced.

Where do you stand on this issue? Are you a fan of Eminem or do you think cancel culture will get him this time?


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