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Drake Called To Face Deposition In February In XXXTENTACION Murder Trial

Drake was called to the court in the Florida rapper’s trial.

Rolling Stone received the order on February 9, which arrives from the security lawyer for one of the three suspects on trial, Dedrick Williams.

Mauricio Padilla has given Drake as a viable alternative theory to X’s murder, noting the OVO artist and X beef before the Florida rapper’s death.

Padilla attempted to subpoena Drake for testimony in January before the trial started, asserting that Drake was suitably served but failed to attend the deposition. Because of this, Padilla then demanded the tribunal for an “order to show cause,” which the judge has now given.

The order requests Drake’s testimony for a deposition on February 24.

Drake is not linked to the case, and there is no evidence to charge him with the crime, but that has not broken Padilla's desire to put him on a list with several other big Hip Hop figures as possible witnesses including Joe Budden, 6ix9ine and Quavo.

Drake and XXXTENTACION's beef happened in 2017, when XXXTENTACION put Drizzy on blast, blaming him for crunching his “Look At Me!” flow on the More Life standout “KMT.”

“If anyone tries to kill me it was @champagnepapi. I’m snitching right now,” XXXTENTACION wrote in an Instagram post before he got out and claim that his account was hacked.

Padilla used the post as ''evidence'' or a reference and he related the Instagram post during his opening statements on February 7.

“Do you think… any detective has ever asked Drake or anybody like that? No, they never did that,” Padilla stated.

Codefendants Michael Boatwright and Trayvon Newsome are standing trial. If sentenced, the three suspects could face life imprisonment. Officers believe Boatwright was the attacker who eventually fired the deadly gunshots at the former rapper.

were arrested soon after and hit with first-degree murder and armed robbery with firearm charges.

Authorities arrested The three above, along with another man called Robert Allen soon after and were accused of first-degree murder and armed robbery with firearm mandates. Allen was found guilty to second-degree murder charges in August 2022 and has testified against his partners hoping he gets a lighter sentence.

“As he’s grabbing the bag shots are fired,” Allen told the courtroom on day three of the trial. When asked to clarify who fired the shots, Allen responded: “Michael Boatwright.” When asked to confirm who Boatwright allegedly shot, Allen responded: “Triple X.”

Allen also mentioned how the $50,000 that was stolen from X was allegedly distributed between the four co-defendants. Allen said that he only received $5,000 while Dedrick Williams, Boatwright, and Trayvon Newsome each got $15,000.

“I wasn’t participating in the robbery,” Allen said. “[Williams] said I wasn’t going to get any money at all.”


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