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An Interview with Öunce Diamondz: From 'Ratted Me Out' to Room 3 Collective

Updated: Jun 28

Welcome, music enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the vibrant world of Öunce Diamondz, an artist whose latest single "Ratted Me Out" is making waves.

From the creative spark behind his collaboration with StacksMadeIt and Kxshi to the infectious energy of his music video, Öunce Diamondz takes us behind the scenes.

Rooted in the dynamic collective known as Room 3, Öunce Diamondz shares how this community of artists and producers has shaped his creative process and career trajectory.

Join us as we explore his journey, aspirations, and the impact of his music on the industry.

1. Öunce Diamondz, congratulations on the release of your latest single "Ratted Me Out"! Can you share with us what inspired this track?

It was Mainly just Me Any My Boy stacks Just. freestyling and Stacks Was Like “They Ratted Me Out I’m Doing my Shit” and I Related to that so Hard and we where like “THATS IT!” And we hopped on the Beat and ran that shit With Kxshi On The Way !

2. How did your collaboration with StacksMadeIt (Producer) come about for "Ratted Me Out"?

I had a Plan of Dropping A Project with all the Producers here at Room3 along side New Features. We Started looking through his beats and Boom I Instantly thought Kxshi! And He Agreed and that’s how it Came About!

3. Tell us about working with Kxshi on the feature for this song. What did they bring to the track that complemented your style?

Dawg this Feature was LONG DUE! Since 2019 type shit. He Brought Nothing But gas ! I swear he Had 4 bars Written and Ate the Rest of The Track Off The Dome ! Kxshi definitely allowed me To Get Off a Melodic tip and Just Hit Hit Hit ! Definitely looking Forward to another collab ! Definitely would Go With A Stacks Beat AGAIN !

4. Your music video for "Ratted Me Out" dropped recently. What was the concept behind it, and how does it connect with the song's message?

We was Just going In. We Had a Small Meeting about it talk shit and Made it A Video ! Proud of my Dude Stacks taking The VISUAL roles of This Craft! It’s hard to fine Someone that wants to Learn or Just put in work with. I’m Good with a Camera and You know, camera work has a Learning curve that’s intimidating so to have that extra Hand and Creative mind behind a Camera is Fire! S/o to Lu , Kill, Robbie for Doing Their Acting scenes ! S/O to 16 and 40 for being the Extra Hands On the Set. We Learned a lot From it it It’s not Easy but Quality will only go up !

5. Could you elaborate on "Room 3" The Collective and its significance to your music career?

Room 3 is A Collective Curated by Lu and Me! Lu Is a Talented Artist and big Chilling! so the fact of that alone we where able to create a Team Of artists, Producers and Creatives. What started as a Studio, just Formed into the Studios Regulars actually forming together was Fire. We’re a Team And More to come from the Collective we’re still in the Blueprint Stage Ready to Jam the Brand Down Everyone’s Eyez !

6. How has being part of "Room 3" influenced your creative process and the direction of your music?

Consistency. Room 3 definitely showed me That Putting in hours in a Team definitely makes Bonds and Productivity more Stronger. It shows that Shit can Move off Showing Love to People who want the same. Money never was a motive on helping each other and That Showed Great progress !

7. Who are some standout artists within your network that you believe listeners should pay attention to?

All who Are On the Team Foreal like we have 40BandKaution, Marc Moran, Lu Benassi, Koatie Kash, And Karlos with a K Are you Kidding Me !

Trust the process ! You’ll know the Names ! Also I Have This Artist I work with Heavy “S.I.S.”(Someone I Support) she’s super creative And willing to take my word into consideration so There’s a Sprinkle of ZZZ in her sound. she’s Been apart of my journey for 5years we’ve Seen Good Days And Bad Days ! All in All CHECK OUT “S.I.S ERRORS”

8. In your opinion, what makes "Room 3" unique compared to other collectives in the industry?

We’re just So Different and diverse, it could be the Curse of why we are finding it hard to break out the Algorithm haha. But Yes it’s only Talent and when I say Diverse like there’s a Rockstar, west coast, Melodics, Hip hop, rapper, shit even Back Pack Flows and We Blend it so Well ! I just feel like anyone can bop their head.

9. Are there specific individuals within your circle that you believe are poised for success, and why?

I Feel like The Marc Moran is an Elite Member Of Room 3. He’s a Talented Producer and Artist, he definitely has a Plan and the talent to Push up ! He Definitely can lock in Anywhere and Just put that work COMFORTABLY.

10. How do you balance maintaining your individual artistic identity while collaborating with producers and featured artists?

It’s Fairly easy because I’m A “behind the scenes” type of guy before I’m an Artist. I like To Just create that. Imperative environment to my Class, showing Consistency and Motion . Feels good to See The Timeline Push Content when I do because I love to see my Class PUTTING in work. Some People Quit and Some Barely work so good to see the ones who want it Shine !

11. What themes or messages did you aim to convey through "Ratted Me Out," both musically and lyrically?

I wanted to Remind people I fucking Rap. Like Yea I Dropped a Story Album About Being Cheated on, but Bitch “Diamondz in the name cause bitch im FROZEN” like You know Just a Statement piece I wrote it to Be A Banger ! And Talk my shit haha.

12. What challenges did you encounter during the production of the song and its music video, and how did you overcome them?

Time. I really work damn near 12 hours a Day so Finding time Between every one’s Schedule especially mine it was just really hard, like This Was Suppose to be a 4 song Project then it ended up Being 1 Song Dropping, so if that doesn’t Explain the Struggles haha. (don’t worry I will drop the Other 3 song ;) )

13. Can you share a behind-the-scenes moment from filming the music video that stands out to you?

Dayum Like While doing the Photo Shoot My Boi Kxshi was Working on 24 hours with out sleep so That shit was mad funny to see this man push through! And Filming the Police scene omfg that shit was toooo funny ! Like there was over 10 takes of Us Trying so hard not to laugh Robbie J is a Funny Guy !

14. How would you describe your evolution as an artist since you first started, and where do you see your music heading in the future?

Definitely being More confident in my sound, you know like I feel that. A k then I would be embarrassed to show my music to ANYONE it was very immature, but it was ME! So now that I have meaningful songs I feel like I’m open with My Music even the Old Funny ones ! Cause it shows growth !

15. For aspiring musicians, what advice would you give on navigating the music industry based on your experiences?

Learn Something in music Making process OTHER then Vocals! Every one Loves a Great Artist but an Artist that Can Record, play something, or Write for someone else. I just feel like can take you journey to that next level. Can be used as a network tool and a door to open to promote yourself

16. What are some upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look forward to?

Definitely going to get Back into shows! That’s definitely a goal. But as for projects I spoke about the Producers Of Room 3 ! So I definitely want to hop on a Kill(Marc Moran) and ViceVersa produced track with Artists that are in their network you know, to grow the web!

17. What do you hope listeners take away from "Ratted Me Out" after experiencing both the song and the music video?

I’m Not Gone I’m Still Fucking Doing It and It’s Always Gunna Look and Sound Like Me !

18. Where can fans connect with you to stay updated on your latest releases and updates from "Room 3"?

As For me Find me on Instagram @zzz.ouncediamondz you’ll see my Website Links to My Music !! And For Room3 check Us out at @room3ent on Instagram! We’re looking to get back into community projects !

19. How do you envision the impact of "Ratted Me Out" on your career trajectory moving forward?

It’s Definitely a Banger, so it’s a Staple of What I have to Offer I feel like I can Show This Song and All 3 Of Us (ounce, Stacks, Kxshi) can Eat of this and Showcase talents to future Collaborators !

20. Finally, what excites you the most about sharing your music journey with the audience of

Definitely getting the work done to Promote my Talent to Big Cities all over ! The 6 Definitely has a Spot in my heart have really good Talented friends out there so I can’t wait to Take the Talent Over there and Meet up with People I talk to on a Consistent Basis.

Thank you for having me Again I always trust my Press Post-release with Upn6xt ! ZZZ Is Out ! Remember #DreamsAreGoingToComeTrue

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