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5 of the Greatest Duos In Hip Hop History

Since the early years of hip-hop, duos have had an important role in spreading culture. The duo has a greater impact than the individual artist as the duo represents a particular neighborhood, city, or ethnicity. In addition to the above, the duo is more delightful as two different rappers with different backgrounds make a distinct and unique style.

In this art,icle we will uncover the stories and iconic projects of 5 of the greatest duos in hip-hop history.

1. Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep defines the importance of hitting a chord with your audience and piercing to it. These Queensbridge lads brought dun talk and hardcore beats to hip-hop.

From fast-fire gunplay to gritty hood narratives, Prodigy and Havoc never wandered from their niche far enough to fill their wall with platinum plaques. Instead, they remained true to their QB cores and maintained their sound steeped in the street hop.

2. Eric B. & Rakim

Rakim transformed the rap game with his flow, introducing more complicated rhyming patterns to the world of emceeing. He also stamped several phrases and expressions or idioms that are still in use today: "It ain't where you're from, it's where you at."

3. OutKast

The foremost duo of Andre 3000 and Big Boi appeared in the bling-bling era, but you wouldn't get it by how well they skipped the trends near them in favor of an original style.

Big Boi, an urban oracle, always remained loyal to himself and his Georgia origins. Andre 3000, one of the greatest MCs of all times, got versatility and piles of quotable rhymes. As a duo, they were unbeatable.

4. Gang Starr

DJ Premier may well be the best producer in hip-hop history. Guru had his thing down as one-half of the legendary duo GangStarr. The only other rapper excluding Guru who can make magic in a monotone flow is Rakim. Together, Primo and Baldhead Slick compiled a legendary discography.

5. UGK

UGK was created in the 80s when southern rap was only a spec on the hip-hop game. Pimp C's talented production was the duo's leading source of power. His melodic tonality and unique twang stank off his dirty south heritage. Bun B completed his partner with a lethal flow, full of internal rhymes and metaphors.


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