• Assessment of artist's online presence - analyzes your website, Instagram and other social media pages and advice on adjustments to make them more effective, offering tips on how to broaden reach and further engage fans.

  • Bio/Review Edit - reviews your official artist bio and suggests improvements to make it more appealing to press, radio, booking agents, and the label/publishing communities.

  • Five-Song Music Review - critiques five of your songs and advises on production value, radio airplay potential, ‘sync-friendliness’, etc

  • Live Performance Review - critiques video of your live performance and advise onset flow, stage presence, and image, player proficiency, between-song banter, etc.​

  • Digital Retail Set-up - walks you through making your music available for purchase via Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and other online outlets.

  • Music Industry Referrals -  refers you to specific websites and network events offering ‘insider info’ to the A&R/publishing communities – getting featured on these sites will increase your artist profile within the music industry.

  • Additional Production Referrals - recommends producers, mixers, and mastering studios who can help get your material radio-ready, sync-friendly, and competitive for retail (additional fees for producers, etc., will be required/negotiated).

  • Remixer Referrals - refers you to select remixers who can help put together remixes of your songs to service to tastemaker music blogs, offer as free downloads to fans, use as web content, etc. (additional fees for remixers will be required/negotiated).

  • Social Media Marketing​​

  • A&R/Publisher/Booking Agency Referrals - I will keep the A&R, publishing, and booking agency communities informed of the progress you’re making with radio, press, and film/TV 

  • Shows with Ticket Sales Profit -  will get you to perform at shows and concerts with the option of possessing ticket sales profit and merchandise.

  • Press/Radio Release Referrals - will create your own press kit and submit it to blogs, pages, and radios along with your latest releases and projects.

  • Exclusive access to multiple Toronto events to build your network

  • We will do massive promotion of your track/album and make it go viral on different channels. We will use targeted media campaigns that will convert immediately depending on your genre of song. Most of the listeners/audience are from the USA & Canada. We will blast your link with different social media channels to your targeted audience. 

  • Natural organic music advertisement.

  •  Increase your followers/fan-base and have more royalties.

  • Exposure of your song to a large number of audience.

  • Create a high impact on your song for a larger people.

  •  Increase the number of followers/fans and streams you have in other to boost sales of your upcoming album release.​

  •  We will increase your music engagement.

  • Generate Play Organically.​

  • Exclusive Content

  • Spotify marketing on one song of your choice 

  • Exclusive written and video interview​​

Graphic Design Services

  • Logos: $50-75

  • Single Cover Art: $45-60 (optional: video cover art with audio playing in the background for an additional $20

  • Mixtape Cover with Song List: $50-75


Other Services:


  • Press Kits: $50 (special) - I will create a clean, organized press kit for submissions to radios, DJs and blogs. These press kits include professional photos, a full-written biography and music release reviews.

  • Merchandise (please inquire) - I will help you create your own line of merch! Including branding, logo creation, fabric examination, fittings, photoshoots, website set-up, etc.

  • Sponsorships (please inquire) - I will help you get sponsorships with well-written sponsorship letters sent out to possible brands and companies that can represent the artist.

  • Event/Showcase/Concert Organizing (please inquire) - I will organize your event either it's a music showcase, party or an actual concert



Music Business Workshop ($100)

Full Day Course 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Lunch will be provided


Topics Covered Included:

  • Social Media/Online Marketing

  • Radio Promotion

  • Project Management

  • Publicity 

  • Money Management of a Recording Project Budget

  • Music Business- Streams of Income

  • Branding

  • Intellectual Property and Socan 

  • Distribution & Publishing

  • Team Building

  • Grant Application and more. 



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